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The plain, and sad, truth is that most men are physically not capable of bringing their female sexual partners to a superior climax.

Superior female climaxes are penile-vaginal. One can engage in foreplay, but no hands (or tools) are involved in a superior female orgasm.

A female vaginal orgasm happens through stimulation of the vaginal lining, especially the Grafenberg-spot (g-spot) area, identified 1950 by Ernest Grafenberg. There is an ideal male anatomy to achieve a female penile-vaginal orgasm. Penile length is not so much of concern (6 inches will be sufficient), but penile circumference is a major factor.

However, there is more to it.

Optimal penile rigidity is a must: the organ should be as hard as wood and have a steep upward angle.

Plus, the penile head should be fully blood-engorged.

And the male organ should have an undiminished staying power of 20 minutes.

With all the above conditions met, a female penile-vaginal orgasm is almost a certainty.

But 98 percent of all men below 25, and 95 percent of all men above 35 will not be able to meet the requirements.

Men below 25 won't qualify because most of them suffer from what is defined as premature ejaculation. They will shoot off after a few minutes, whether still engaged in foreplay or already at intercourse.

Premature ejaculation is, by and large, not a disorder of the vital organ but of brain chemistry. Orgasm is strongly dependent on neurotransmitters. And as neurotransmitters are easily influenced pharmacologically, premature ejaculation is, in fact easily treated. Other articles on this domain inform of the best pharmacological agents to achieve ejaculation control.

Men above 35 don't so much have a problem with orgasm control. Rather, they have difficulties with erectile rigidity, with staying power, and with glans engorgement.

For staying power, phosphodiesterase inhibitors such as Viagra are a decent solution. However, they tend to have a negative impact on libido. And there definitely are sexual techniques that can achieve rigidity superior to Viagra use, while at the same time enhancing, not reducing libido. Details are available in corresponding articles on this domain.

Glans engorgement is more difficult to guarantee. Unconsciously it happens in a state of sexual excitement through nerve impulses from the brain to the pelvic muscle. Pelvic muscle contraction pumps blood not so much into the corpora cavernosa but rather into the glans.

This is something that can also be achieved consciously, too, provided one has well-trained pelvic muscles. Keeping pelvic muscles consciously contracted (in a manner that would interrupt urinary stream), just as doing so unconsciously, generates blood flow into the head of the penis. This is an event everybody can observe in the bathroom. During intercourse, the point is to keep the pelvic muscles contracted for an extended period of time. A fully engorged glans is relevant because the lower rim of the glans then performs a hook-like function on the innermost part of the g-spot.

With a physiologically suited penis inside the vagina which performs low-motion thrusts, a woman can give the inserted male organ a firm grip by tightening her own pelvic and upper-leg muscles, preferably with her knees pressing against the legs of the man who usually will be on top of her.

In such a setting, a penile-vaginal orgasm is likely to happen within minutes.

Provided the inserted penis is large enough in size, primarily circumference.

Unfortunately, with all other parameters sufficient, a lack in penile size is an impediment, which more often than not causes the vaginal orgasm to just not happen.

A long-term strategy for penis enlargement can be based on tongkat ali, a Southeast Asian root that has been proven in numerous scientific studies to result in a substantial rise of testosterone and free testosterone levels.

Testosterone is primarily synthesized in the Leydig cells of the testes, and increased Leydig cell activity is what causes penile and testicular size gains during puberty. Leydig cell activity, and not circulating testosterone, also maintains penile and testicular size. This is why bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids or simply supply exogenous testosterone always experience penile and testicular shrinkage. Even though their bodies are awash with testosterone or synthetic equivalents, their Leydig cells have been virtually shut down through a negative feedback cycle (circulating testosterone inhibits testosterone synthesis).

Tongkat ali works differently. Tongkat ali is not a testosterone analogue. This means, tongkat ali also doesn't inhibit testosterone synthesis in the Leydig cells. Exactly the opposite is the case. Tongkat ali stimulates the Leydig cells to synthesize more testosterone than they normally would, and tongkat ali inhibits the negative feedback cycle that inhibits testosterone synthesis.

Thus, tongkat ali not only promotes muscle growth and libido but also causes penile and testicular enlargement. However, one has to be aware that tongkat ali is a root that contains only a very small percentage of active ingredients. For a standard dose, 50 grams of root would be needed, and bodybuilders often even use 100 grams of root a day. However, what is usually sold over the Internet is root powder in capsules. Of these, one would need a full bottle of 100 capsules for a single dose.


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